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Linkage Groups

Structures & Development of Cavan Public Participation Network, an Overview.

Linkage Groups

A Linkage Group is an open committee created from among the member organisations of CavanPPN on a topic of relevance to the community, anchored to a particular representative role within the PPNs remit. This is open to ALL members of CavanPPN.

It is the aim of CavanPPN to have a Linkage Group for each representation fulfilled, initially established by the Resource Worker and Representative and then managed by the Representative with logistical support from the Resource Worker thereafter.

Linkage Groups are thematic sub-groups of Cavan PPN. Cavan has 5 Linkage Groups, each of which relate to the services or functions of Cavan County Council or other specific agencies in Cavan which CPPN has representation on. Linkage Groups membership is representative of CPPN member organisations that have either a remit or an interest in these services or functions.

Please see the full Terms of Reference of the Linkage Groups for more information.

CPPN Linkage Groups

Terms of Reference

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