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ENews 14.7.23

In Our ENews This Week.... 1 Funding: Circular Economy Support Grant 2. Funding: LGBTI+ Community Services Fund 3. Funding: RISE Community Fund 4. Funding: Peace Plus Funding News 5. Funding: Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant 6. Consult: Cavan Climate Action Plan 7. RSA Check It Fits In Virginia 8. HSE Talking Health & Wellbeing 9 CavanPPN Invites You To ’Conversation with Cavan’s Climate Action Coordinator’ 10 Shine Mental Health Support In Cavan 11. Corruption report Published 12. Sing For Me Music Festival 13. Cavan Healing Spirit Festival Schedule 14. Shannon Pot Discovery Centre News 15. Cavan Calling July 16 to 30th 16. Green Lough ‘Cavan Calling’ Work party 17. Help Our Hedgerows 18. Editorial: What Is Community Engagement?

14.7 ENews
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