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ENews 8.9.23

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Contents 1 Funding: Healthy Eating Projects Funding 2. Funding: Peace Plus Programme Roadshows 3. Funding: The EESC Civil Sociaty Prize 4. Funding: EU Just Transition Fund 5. Funding: Rural Action Awards Scheme 6. Consult: The Future of Local Democracy 7. Free Electrical Recycling Drop Off Day 8. Cootehill Retrofitting Project 9. Healing Spirit Festival This September In Cavan 10. Ballinagh Community Gardens Calls You 11. Drug Related Intimidation Reporting Programme 12. Feast of Cavan’s Folk 13. Birdwatch Cavan Day Outing 14. Environmental Community Training For Cavan 15. Nominate A Cavan Volunteer TODAY!!! 16. Ballyhaise Kids & Adults Tractor & Vintage Car Runs 17. Steal Away Song Launched 18. Parenting Cavan Website Open 19. Needs of Cyclists 20. Autumn Le Cheile Cootehill Classes 21. Community Groups Tackling Drug Issues 22. The Charities Classification Standard 23. Suicide Prevention Courses 24. World Suicide Prevention Day 25. News From The Suicide Prevention Officer 26. Living Well Programme 27. Ballinagh Culture Night 28. Outdoor Activator Programme From Cavan Sports Partnership 29. Climatewise Culture Ceili in Fairgreen Community Gardens 30. Editorial: The Day I Tried To Take My Own Life, A Message.

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8.9 ENews
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