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E-News 26.05.23

To view this week's newsletter, please click on the PDF link below.

E-News 2023.05.26
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1. Funding: The Coca-Cola Thank You Fund

2. Funding: Some Green Awards & Funding

3. Funding: Community Centre Funding

4. Funding: Ireland Against Racism Fund

5. Funding: Arts Council Festival Fund

6. Consult: Public Consult On Irish National Philanthropy

7. Consult: Government Consult On Irish Greenhouse Gases

8. Consult: Public Consult On Cavan Bathing Areas

9 Consult: Cavan N3 Bus Stop & Park n Ride Survey

10 Consult: Public Consult On The Future Of The Boyne River

11. West Cavan Social Enterprise Development Workshop

12. PPN Countywide Roadshows Travel Cavan

13. Host A Climate Cuppa

14. Lakeside Healing Festival Returns To Cavan

15. Support The Nature Restoration Law

16. Alzheimer Society Tea Day

17. ILMI Event For Disabled People

18. Lough an Leagh Moonwalk

19. StreetFeast 2023

20. The Supporters Programme For Mental Health

21. Cavan Veggie Window Boxes 2023

22. Cavan Events For Biodiversity Week

23. Editorial: PPNs and Community Development, Clarifying Roles

Left: The beauty of Africa day celebrated the amazing richness cultural diversity brings to our society.


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