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ENews 7.7.23

Contents 1 Funding: Circular Economy Support Grant 2. Funding: LGBTI+ Community Services Fund 3. Funding: RISE Community Fund 4. Funding: Local Forest Park & Trails Funding 5. Consult: Cavan Climate Action Plan 6. The Rise Family Programme 7. New Killinkere Recycling Centre 8. Future In Perspectives Seminar 9 CavanPPN Invites You To ’Conversation with Cavan’s Climate Action Coordinator’ 10 Working On The Cheap: Community Staff Underpaid? 11. Community Singing Initiative 12. Halloween Festival Event Masterclass For Community Organisers 13. Cavan Healing Spirit Festival Schedule 14. Cavan Library Service Children’s Summer Priogramme 15. How To Help Your Child Talk More 16. Local Biodiversity In Cavan 17. Teach Oscail Event In Con Smith Park 18. Editorial: Social Capital Decay In Community In Ireland

7.7 ENews
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